A perpetual student, observer and explorer, Kent Ezzell has spent a lifetime in the pursuit of creating unique and functional art.

Lessons learned from the study of 19th and 20th century masters, combined with a human centered design process that relies on interviews, prototypes and iteration, ensures that each project is a unique work of art. Kent’s enthusiasm and passion for his work are evident in his unique solutions and fine tuned attention to detail.

Custom functional art.

Each of Kent's finely crafted works of art are the product of his unique creativity, and years of experience. Each piece is custom made, unique to your needs and space.

Custom installations.

Custom made furniture or cabinetry is a beautiful option for outfitting your home or business. Each piece is handmade and includes high-end, long-lasting custom hardware.

Custom doors.

Stunning custom made doors by Kent Ezzell are sure to set the tone for your business or home. With the options of integrating side lights, inlaid two-layer stained and etched insulated glass, hand carvings, naturally textured wood and more. Kent Ezzell's Doors are typically 3"thick, made of eco-cut Honduran Mahogany and carved on both sides, including high-end, long-lasting custom hardware.